Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Facet Mount™ products?

Facet™ products are available nationally. Reach out to us at for more information and to request a sample of the revolutionary Facet™ mount.

Has Facet been rigorously tested, and are the results available?

The PZSE Structural Engineering structural certification letter is available for download in the Product section of this website. This certifies that Facet was tested by MTL, an ISO17025 facility, and overseen by materials and testing experts.

Additional testing has been done to meet most building standards. Facet™ mount is one of the few products that has been certified by LARR to be used on roofs in the Los Angeles market. Our LARR number is 26185.

Is Facet protected by any patents?

Facet™ mount is protected by US Patents #9,479,110 and #9,647,607. There is also a long history of trade secrets and improvements that have gone into the development of Facet.

Does Facet comply with the roof warranty?

The Facet™ system was designed with the help of leading roofing manufacturers to be installed using best practices for flashing and waterproofing. We work hard to make sure that our guidelines are fully compliant with roof manufacturer installation instructions. By following roof manufacturer guidelines, you can install with confidence that your roofing manufacturer will accept the installation as compliant with their warranty requirements. Our Product page has approval letters from most of the major roof membrane manufacturers and we can provide preformed TPO and PVC flashings for almost every thermoplastic roofing membrane. If you have any questions about your roof type or compatibility, please reach out to

Does Facet work with all solar racking systems?

Facet™ mounts have a standard 3/8″ 16tpi bolt receiver, making them compatible with virtually any low slope racking system rail installations. Facet™ mount is an ideal seismic tether attachment on ballasted solar systems as well, and the pricing and strength of the Facet™ product means that you can often save money by replacing ballast with Facet™ mounts

Can I replace my current mounting solution directly with the Facet Mount™ product?

Absolutely! Facet is so versatile that making a change in your mounting system should be virtually seamless. Because Facet™ mount products are so much stronger than competing products for tensile (pull-out), shear (side force) and moment (overturning), your engineer will be able to optimize the rail span selected. Instead of having the roof mount be the limiting factor in attachment spacing, your engineer can take full advantage of your rail span availability. This often results in needing fewer roof attachments with Facet, saving money on products and labor.

Does Facet work with all roof types?

Facet is a low slope solution that works with virtually all low-slope roofing systems.

  • For TPO and PVC you can order preformed flashing membranes for almost any manufacturer
  • For EPDM, Foam, Bituminous or other membranes the Facet™ mount system works well with virtually any approved fluid applied flashing solution.

Facet also works with pitched roofs and wall mounts. Just make sure you have a compatible waterproofing solution when applicable.

Is the Facet Flashing available in all TPO and PVC manufacturers’ products?

Yes – just let us know which manufacturers’ product is on your roof and we’ll deliver flashings to match. Note that we use reinforced TPO and PVC membrane and not generic unreinforced materials.

Besides solar racking, what are some other uses for Facet?

The Facet™ system is ideal for mounting almost any type of equipment onto rooftops, parapet walls, electrical/mechanical rooms walls, floors and even ceilings. Facet™ mounts can be used for a wide range of applications including roof screens, pipe supports, HVAC equipment, cell towers and almost anything else that you can think of. We even have customers who have gotten creative with Facet for speakers, television sets and other types of wall mounted equipment.

I need some help with an installation, how can I learn more?

Just call us or email us at and tell us what you need. Our experts will be happy to help.

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For general inquiries – Sustainable Technologies: 916-824-3080

Install Instructions and Product Datasheets can be found on our website under Products

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