Facet – Roof Mount

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US Patent #9,479,110 and #9,647,607

The Facet Value Proposition

Welcome to Facet, a breakthrough solution for mounting equipment and structures to low slope rooftops…

  • Made from high-strength cast aluminum
  • Patented structural design results in incredible strength
    • Pull-out load = 12,777 lbs.
    • Shear load = 6,796 lbs.
    • Structural certification available for download
  • Simple installation
    • May be installed with the racking prior to adding fasteners into the roof deck
    • Precision layout is NOT REQUIRED, simply assemble the racking with Facets and after the racking is complete, add the deck screws.
    • Avoid the time and expense of completing a precise attachment layout
    • Installation instructions available
  • Perfect water seal
    • Designed to be installed without added sealant
    • The high-density silicone washer with acrylic adhesive prevents water migration
      • For freeze-thaw conditions, we recommend adding a small amount of approved roofing sealant

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